When you have struggles and hard times, remember to take time to reflect, to look inward. Nothing happens without reason. What is God trying to teach you? What do you need to change in you heart to make yourself more like the Lord? Long after I am done training you, He will not be. He will always be there, shaping and molding you into the man He wants you to be. Be willing for Him to mold you. His chastisement is sometimes painful, but it is only short-lived. However, the blessings of His hand molding and guiding you, those are infinite. He chastens because He loves. I told you when I trained you as a young child that I did so out of love. He loves you so much more than I am able. He will train you much better than I am able. Do not resist His chastening. (Hebrews 12: 5-12)


Remember that all things work out for our good, but we cannot always see it here on earth. We cannot always understand how it works out for our good.

I recently heard Michael Farris (from HSLDA) speak.

He told the story of a preacher whose revival meeting tent was destroyed in a storm. He was forced to move his gathering to a local high school gym. How did that "work out for good" for the revivalist? I don't know.

But Michael's father worked as a janitor at the school. He heard the message of the gospel while he was at work and gave his life to Christ. The end result was Michael's entire family accepting Jesus. Michael has been a major player in the Christian homeschool movement.

All because of a storm that blew over a tent and ruined it.

I doubt that pastor really thought it would be monumental. It probably seemed an incontinence. But it changed the lives of so many people.

Never underestimate God's ability to use even the most difficult and trying of circumstances for His Eternal Purpose. Try to live with that in mind and you will find the day to day happenings life much less frustrating.


Remember to tell your wife she is lovely just the way she is... no matter what she looks like. You, above all others, should be able to see her inner beauty. Choose to value what cannot be seen above what can be seen.


Never guess a woman's age or weight. If you guess too high she will be insulted. If you guess too low, she will think you are not being honest. You simply can't win.


"Work for the Kingdom is the best kind." ~Melissa Walters
Never underestimate the importance of the small things you do from day to day or their impact on those around you for the Kingdom of God


 When you are making decisions about the direction of your life, do not choose the easiest path. The right path is the one that makes you stronger and challenges you to be a better person. 


Guard your heart ferociously. You heart is like a flower. Every time you "give your heart away" (let your self have an emotional connection to someone who is not your wife) you give away one of those petals. Soon your heart has been broken so many times (even if you did not actually have a "break-up") that you have nothing left to give. Give your future to Jesus, and trust him to guide you to the right young woman. Let me have your affections until the time you transfer it to another. You are safe with me. I only want the very best for you. And I too will trust the LORD to guide you where you should go.


Always sleep on a decision. If it is a "once-in-a-lifetime offer only good today", you're better off passing it up than to jump at the offer only to find you've been taken in. Anything worth having, is worth waiting for. Make this your policy and you will always have an "out" for any sales pitch. And who knows, the offer may look quite different by the morning's light. (This advice was passed down from your Great-Great-Grandfather Maurice Artman, 1900-1982).


If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is


Do not confuse arrogance with confidence. Confidence is an assured feeling regarding what you are factually and experientially capable of. Arrogance is a disregard for any fact. A unabashed lifting of ones self in an attempt to impress others regardless of what they would think if they knew the truth. Confidence has it's limits; arrogance does not. Confidence is an important component to a healthy life; arrogance is a pit many fall into and few find their way back from.


Don't pursue the first girl that catches your eye. If she caught your eye, be assured she caught the eye of many others. A popular girl is not likely to be suitable as a wife. The girl most suitable for a wife will likely be unnoticed by the majority of your peers.