Remember that all things work out for our good, but we cannot always see it here on earth. We cannot always understand how it works out for our good.

I recently heard Michael Farris (from HSLDA) speak.

He told the story of a preacher whose revival meeting tent was destroyed in a storm. He was forced to move his gathering to a local high school gym. How did that "work out for good" for the revivalist? I don't know.

But Michael's father worked as a janitor at the school. He heard the message of the gospel while he was at work and gave his life to Christ. The end result was Michael's entire family accepting Jesus. Michael has been a major player in the Christian homeschool movement.

All because of a storm that blew over a tent and ruined it.

I doubt that pastor really thought it would be monumental. It probably seemed an incontinence. But it changed the lives of so many people.

Never underestimate God's ability to use even the most difficult and trying of circumstances for His Eternal Purpose. Try to live with that in mind and you will find the day to day happenings life much less frustrating.