When you have struggles and hard times, remember to take time to reflect, to look inward. Nothing happens without reason. What is God trying to teach you? What do you need to change in you heart to make yourself more like the Lord? Long after I am done training you, He will not be. He will always be there, shaping and molding you into the man He wants you to be. Be willing for Him to mold you. His chastisement is sometimes painful, but it is only short-lived. However, the blessings of His hand molding and guiding you, those are infinite. He chastens because He loves. I told you when I trained you as a young child that I did so out of love. He loves you so much more than I am able. He will train you much better than I am able. Do not resist His chastening. (Hebrews 12: 5-12)

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